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How to prepare USCIS N-400 Instructions

Obtain the USCIS N-400 Instructions on the internet
Make use of your PC or mobile phone to start the form online in a PDF editor. Click Get Form to look at the existing edition of the document template.
Fill in the sample
Fill out the sample step by step, writing precise info. If you have a signature field, add your signature by drawing or writing it.
E-file the file
You are able to skip printing and submit your document online by way of email. Talk with the specific authorities if the template is accepted electronically.

Online technologies enable you to arrange your document management and strengthen the productivity of the workflow. Look through the quick tutorial as a way to fill out USCIS N-400 Instructions, prevent errors and furnish it in a timely way:

How to fill out a N400 Instructions 2020?

  1. On the website containing the blank, press Start Now and pass for the editor.

  2. Use the clues to fill out the relevant fields.

  3. Include your personal data and contact information.

  4. Make sure that you choose to enter right information and numbers in appropriate fields.

  5. Carefully revise the written content in the blank so as grammar and spelling.

  6. Refer to Help section when you have any concerns or contact our Support team.

  7. Put an digital signature on the USCIS N-400 Instructions printable with the support of Sign Tool.

  8. Once the form is finished, click Done.

  9. Distribute the ready by means of electronic mail or fax, print it out or download on your device.

PDF editor enables you to make improvements to the USCIS N-400 Instructions Fill Online from any internet linked device, customize it in accordance with your requirements, sign it electronically and distribute in different ways.

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FAQ - USCIS N-400 Instructions

What is the purpose of USCIS N-400 Instructions?
To help you get ready for your N-400 interview, this document will help you get up to speed with the most important issues you may have about your filing. USCIS will review this document when they process your N-400 application and will ask you to use it while preparing for the interview as follows: After Review of the Instructions N-400 Questions and Answers The USCIS Interview Handbook contains detailed information about the preparation and conduct of the interview. The USCIS N-400 Questions and Answers provides the same information, as well as answers to some of the most common USCIS processing questions (see Section 9, Questions and Answers — Questions and Answers About the N-400 Interview and Section 10, General Information on the N-400 interview).
Who should complete USCIS N-400 Instructions?
What are your plans to complete the N-400 Instructions, and what will you do to keep your N-400 status? Who is not needed to complete the N-400 Instructions? How should I prepare for processing? What if I don't get through? What should I do after I get through? What happens to N-400 instructions and instructions for other cases/sessions? What if I am unable to complete the N-400 instructions? What happens if other cases / sessions have been started after the N-400 instructions? How long do my files stay with USCIS N-400? What if the instructions don't include information that is needed? This is a post from USCIS. They've got detailed N-400 instructions, instructions for other cases and instructions for other types of USCIS case settings and procedures that you must complete in order to have your N-400 information retained. It explains:How long does it take to get an N-400 (if you complete USCIS N-400 instructions)? How can you get an N-400 (if you've already received one)? This post provides instructions on how to complete all of your USCIS N-400 instructions as listed in the N-400 Instructions (Part IV) and provides information on getting an N-400 (if you want to get an N-400 for a particular file setting). This post provides instructions on how your case will be processed and what you should expect once your case is processed. Learn what you can do if you're not approved for a travel document. How can I find out what happens to my case once processing is complete and the file information is received? This is a post for USCIS immigration attorneys, caseworkers and N-400 file holders seeking to receive an N-400 and instructions to prepare the N-400. Learn when USCIS does and will issue travel documents and apply for nonimmigrant visas in the future. This post helps you to navigate the immigration system after the N-400 has been processed. In order to obtain a travel document or visa for any purpose, you must complete USCIS N-400 instructions and a consular appointment and submit the instructions and appointment forms through USCIS. You are not required to complete USCIS N-400 instructions (Part IV) before completing USCIS N-400 instructions.
When do I need to complete USCIS N-400 Instructions?
If you need to obtain an N-400 Letter of Understanding (LOU) to process your employment-based green card and to remain in the United States after having obtained your green card, you must complete your USCIS N-400 instructions no later than six months after your employment-based green card is approved in your case. The six-month deadline for USCIS N-400 instructions is specified in section 101(a)(47)(N)(F), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Regulations. Therefore, you must complete USCIS N4100 Instructions no later than six months from the date of your employment authorized in your case. If you hold a U.S. or Foreign Military Base Visa and receive an employment-based visa, in addition to the six-month deadline for USCIS N-400 instructions, you will need to complete a “Special Instructions for Employment-Based Visas (NEVIS)” form (Form I-601) in order to become a Special Alien Classification (SAC) (see “What Is a SAC?” below). Can Employment of Foreign Nationals in the United States be Stopped by the Government? No. However, employment-based visas (E-2, E-3, E-2A, and E-2B) are issued to certain persons designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) who conduct certain types of business in the U.S. While it is possible to receive a “stay notice” from the DOC that your employment is being restricted, such notices can only be issued by an Attorney General in cases involving illegal activities occurring in the U.S. The government can not prevent you from receiving an employment-based visa if you satisfy all the requirements of the employment-based program. You must complete your employment-based employment-authorized application in a timely manner, which does not provide the Government with the opportunity to review your file. You should consult with an immigration attorney during the visa processing process. Are there penalties for overstaying a visa? There are no penalties for overstaying a visa or for not completing an employment-based, temporary resident application within the specified processing times provided by the Department of State. The Department of State's Office of Policy and Planning does not authorize or approve any petitions of employment-based temporary resident petitions that overstay a visa or fail to complete a USCIS application on time.
Can I create my own USCIS N-400 Instructions?
Is it possible to create my own USCIS N-400 instructions? What if I create an N-400 application? For how long can N-400 be left on the file? (See: USCIS N-400 Application) Do the USCIS N-400 form instructions have any limitations? Is there a limitation on the number or frequency of USCIS N-400 forms received? Note: the number of USCIS N-400 forms received at any given time is subject to change and is determined at the discretion of the USCIS. What is the USCIS N-400 form fee? What are the USCIS N-400 forms fees? (See: USCIS N-400 Fee) How do I pay USCIS N-400 fee? (See: USCIS N-400 Fee) You may be able to obtain the USCIS N-400 form by going to and following the instructions. This form is an electronic document that was processed by the Service, and will not be sent with physical mailings to your home address. You must request the file by filling out the online USCIS N-400 form Request for Electronic Instructions for your Electronic Filing System (EFS-S). Note: There is no charge to request the electronic form How do I request the USCIS N-400 form by mail? By mail, send the completed USCIS N-400 form Request for Electronic Instructions for your Electronic Filing System (EFS-S) to the appropriate address listed in the USCIS N-400 form instructions. You can also request the USCIS N-400 form by faxing the completed form to. The fee is 50. To request your electronic N-400 form. Who is designated to issue N-400 forms? Who can request an N-400 form? You. What type of questions must the USCIS N-400 form ask me? Information for you. Who is designated to create an N-400 form? You. Who can create an N-400 form by filling out the online Electronic N-400 form Request for Electronic Instructions for your Electronic Filing System (EFS-S)? You.
What should I do with USCIS N-400 Instructions when it’s complete?
The N-400 form is completed and submitted to USCIS by mail, so you shouldn't have to deal with it until later. You may need to go through the online application process, but you only have to do this once. How long does USCIS take to do N-400 forms? It can sometimes take two or more weeks. Do I need a copy of my citizenship and/or immigration records? Yes. You'll need to provide original copies of these documents when you apply, so we have proof of your immigration status. They should be kept for ten years after your application is accepted. Do I need an alien registration number? No. We can receive foreign national applications even though you don't have an alien registration number. Do I have to send my N-400 forms to USCIS? No. You can submit the original copy of the form to USCIS, or send it to the Department of Homeland Security, which processes the N-400 forms. We don't need to receive your N-400 forms and can complete the N-400 process online. Do I have to return the N-400 forms I submit to USCIS? No. The N-400 form is a government-only form, and USCIS is supposed to complete all N-400 applications automatically. Why haven't all I'm done been processed? The N-400 website is very complicated. We recommend that you make an appointment to have your N-400 done so that you can get answers to all your questions. What should I do about incorrect citizenship or immigration information on my N-400? The N-400 is supposed to be a government-only website, but we have a lot of people submitting it, so we get a lot of incorrect information on them. So please be sure to take that into account when completing N-400. We can help if you have questions about that. Can I get help if I have an N-400 application question? Yes, we can refer you to government agencies, like DHS, to get answers to your questions. Do I have to wait to apply for citizenship even though my N-400 is ready to submit? No. You can begin the application process immediately. Do I have to pay anything before I begin the process? No.
How do I get my USCIS N-400 Instructions?
The USCIS N-400 Instructions are available to download from the USCIS Home page. You may also access these Instructions Online as an attachment from the USCIS Website.
What documents do I need to attach to my USCIS N-400 Instructions?
All documents have to be submitted with your N-400 application. USCIS will send the necessary documents to help you to apply (e.g., form I-864 [IR-485] to start your employment application) and to get your employment authorization. Do not send copies of any documents if they are not necessary for your application. Include only the documents you need for your USCIS filing (e.g., N-400 application form, N-400 I-864 [IR-485] Application for Employment Authorization, any other required documents, and copies of all prior documents that did not need to be submitted). A document consists of two parts: a legal representation and a document that contains the information to be checked by an agent. Once a document for an alien is submitted it becomes the legal representative of the applicant. You can obtain a fee estimate for sending a document by calling 1-877 IN-1 (). It costs 5 in addition to the amount submitted as filing fee. The most important documents that you need to submit for N-400 applications are as follows: Social Security Number Name Date of birth Date and place of birth National identification numbers (e.g., passport, permanent resident card) Photo If you do not have a Social Security Number, you should include in your document N-400 Form I-212 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Change National/Regional Identity). It is very important. The Social Security Number is essential to prove that you are the legal representative of the alien/employee. If you do not have the Social Security Number for your job as an N-400 agent and are the only person providing services to an employee without a Social Security Number, USCIS will not be able to grant you an employment authorization. Please, submit only your original documents. Do not fax any document sent to USCIS. The fees for filing will be 20. I submitted my N-400 form by mail so all I submitted were the required documents. What should I do now? Once the form is received by USCIS, it takes 3-5 business days to process an application. During this process, there is a fee for the N-400 submission to receive the results. You can send N-400 Form I-324 (Request for N-400 Application and Fee) to USCIS.
What are the different types of USCIS N-400 Instructions?
How do they vary, and what can I learn from each? Read through the following sections to learn more about the different types of USCIS instructions. Types of N-400 Instructions These types of USCIS N-400 orders look like this: How do these different types of USCIS instructions differ? N-400 Applications and N-400 Forms can vary greatly in their information that should be included in the N-400 order. This varies based on a variety of variables depending on your particular situation. If you have received an N-400 order that has you filing a non-immigrant visa application, you should know that the information in your N-400 order is generally limited to your immigration status (immigration type) and the types of employment you will have in the United States after your visa has expired, which must take precedence over any other USCIS-related information that is included in your N-400 order. You may have received an N-400 form (applications) that has limited information on your non-immigrant work permit application. USCIS N-400 instructions for non-immigrants generally are limited to only what you will need to know about your immigration status—as defined by USCIS's regulations (14 CFR 1.0) or the information your employer or employers are required to provide to you in your employment agreement—and the types of employment you will have in the United States after your visa has expired. The following types of USCIS N-400 letters contain information beyond the information that your employer or employers are required to provide to you. N-400 form (forms & applications) and N-400 forms for non-immigrants generally contain information required to be included in these orders in order to be considered valid. As your employment permit application progresses and meets the requirements required by USCIS, your employer or employers can provide additional information that is considered essential, especially if they cannot provide accurate information and will be required to provide it on the date you submit your application. For these cases, there is a good chance that the information provided by your employer or employers during the application process or during the interview is considered information that is essential to supporting your employment. Additionally, the following factors should be considered when determining whether a particular factor is essential information to supporting your employment: Whether you previously worked in the United States. Whether you previously worked here on a temporary work permit.
How many people fill out USCIS N-400 Instructions each year?
Are you looking for a lawyer in your region? Contact a USCIS lawyer today to learn more about how you can file an N-400 application and start the process of applying for a USCIS green card today In addition to filing, other practical requirements are that you: Keep your N-400 application current for as long as you are eligible to apply — more than 90 days before your scheduled date of deportation File a Form I-213 Return of Deportation/Removal from the United States if you were previously convicted of, or were just convicted of a crime, including multiple felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile offenses, or other infractions — unless your crime occurred more than 21 years ago File your N-400 Form and Schedule A when you file your Form I-864 if you've been ordered to leave the country Note: If you're being deported, the USCIS will not charge you a fee for filing your Form N-400 or Form I-864. What if my Form N-400 Application is denied? If your Form N-400 Application is denied, you'll receive a written rejection letter along with your application fee. You will have 45 days from the date of USCIS' denial letter to file an appeal. If you appeal USCIS' denial, your court hearing is usually within 15 working days of USCIS' denial letter being sent. What happens if my Form N-400 Application is approved? If your Form N-400 Application is approved, you'll receive a Form I-864 Return of Deportation (or Form N-560 Return of Deportation with Deported N-560) along with your approved immigration petition, and will continue to receive your initial green card.
Is there a due date for USCIS N-400 Instructions?
Yes, USCIS requires that I submit the N-400 Instructions by the due date listed in the instructions. How to apply for USCIS N-400 Instructions? Fill out the Form I-485 at the bottom of the page. Click on File, fill out and return the N-400 Instructions, and click Apply at the bottom of the page. How long are my N-400 Instructions good for? File the form with the USCIS. Your N-400 instructions will expire after six (6) months if they are not completed.

E-filing Versus Mailing

In the United States forms may be either e-filed, or sent by mail, or both. To be able to learn how to send the USCIS N-400 Instructions, proceed through recommendations or get in touch with the particular organization for consultation. E-filing obviously has positive aspects over mailing. Firstly, you will stay away from long queues. Next, you can get templates 24/7. And lastly, digital forms are refined quickly, in order to count on a fast answer. If blanks have to be mailed, double-check the addresses of the receiver of the email. Specifically some income tax templates must be filed to several addresses depending on the states.

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